About Me

Here’s part of what I look like, I don’t like taking photos of my face often.

Hello, my name is Fabian Garcia.

I am a full-time student at UC San Diego and like to write. 

I’m 22 years old and I made this site for college and to share my opinions. I want to pursue a career in media journalism and I figured this website would be good practice.

My previous writing focused more on analyzing popular media however, now I mostly cover the news. I do still dabble in media criticism and enjoy a healthy mix of both.

“Turn off the Bright Lights” has no official meaning. It’s a play on the Interpol album Turn on the Bright Lights but you’re welcome to interpret it however you’d like.

I’ve been focused on school and internships these past two years, so I update here seldomly, but I am very active in the news world, so you should have no trouble finding me.

I formerly wrote for a small startup called Scriberr News, their website is now defunct, but I’m working on reuploading all my old work from them.

In 2021 I joined my college newspaper The UCSD Guardian, you can read my work there by clicking here

In 2023, I got an internship at the WGBH, working for The World with Marco Werman.

Please feel free to follow this website via email, if you’d like to support me.

Thank you for reading. Now please, turn off the bright lights.

My Linkedin.