About Me


Hello, my name is Fabian Garcia. I like to write. I’m 20-years-old and I made this site for college and to share my opinions. I want to pursue a career in journalism. I figure this is good practice.

I write mostly about media. I attempt to look through entertainment from an analytical standpoint and expose the finer details that may be lost on most casual viewers in order to enhance the overall experience these productions generate.

“Turn off the Bright Lights” has no official meaning. It’s a play on the Interpol album Turn on the Bright Lights but you’re welcome to interpret it however you’d like.

I’ve tried to keep a consistent schedule uploading here but one must understand I have a lot of responsibilities outside of this website that sadly must take precedence over it.

I’m also a writer for a small startup called Scriberr News, you can read my work by clicking here.

Please feel free to follow this website via email! It’s super easy and helps me out a lot! Thank you for your time. Now please, turn off the bright lights.