5 years of TOTBL

I don’t really care about writing about myself. I feel like I’ve made this abundantly clear.

So I won’t. What I will say is that the past year has been life-changing for me and I am very excited for what’s ahead. I thank this blog for everything it’s given me. I sincerely believe I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

My brief tenure at UCSD is coming to a close, I call it a tenure because that’s what it has felt like.

As I walk out the door, I reflect happily. I’m not a fan of education, and the melancholy I feel is purely aesthetic.

Like splendor in the grass, I can only mourn youth. Not the echos of fate.

In a cruel sense, that almost feels more undeserving.

I’m going to post my senior sendoff for the Guardian here, and afterward, I hope to come back to TOTBL as my main source of writing. To continue building my portfolio and make something of this humble little column.

Thank you for reading.

Please turn off the bright lights.