Release Roundup: Alphabet Soup’s AS

Experimental electronic duo Alphabet Soup released their “self-titled” debut EP AS on Friday morning after nearly a month of rollout.

The EP features a mixture of electronic and industrial hip-hop beats with vocals muffled under a slough of audio effects and distortion.

In the words of one member who aptly goes by Soup, “AS is about Alphabet Soup. The EP is an ode, in a way, to the artists and albums that Alphabet and I have fallen in love with over the years.”

Nearly every track, as notated by their Bandcamp, has another track along with it that the band used as inspiration in it’s creative process. On their Spotify, they also have a playlist called “A.S. Inspirations.” A comprehensive list of 10 tracks that both members used to fuel the creative fire of the record.

As of now the band has teased a physical release of their EP along with an accompanying music video for one of the songs.

Listen to AS right now: