Release Roundup: Vince Staples Self-titled record

Vince Staples Believes He Deserves All The Grammys, But He Isn't Holding  His Breath : The Record : NPR

Vince Staples releases his self-titled LP this Friday after a 3 year gap following his last album FM!

The eponymous record sits at just 22 minutes and features a very different sound than what most are used to hearing from the North-side Long Beach rapper. Opting for more melodic styles of rapping and beats with stronger production its a far cry from his old ways.

With that being said, since the release of his 2018 record FM! the rapper has remained relatively quiet music wise. In 2019, Staples released 3 singles alongside episodes of his short-lived comedy web series: The Vince Staples Show. However, only 2 episodes were officially released before the show was seemingly canned.

Afterward, there wasn’t much to hear from Staples, until a recent interview with GQ revealed that the rapper had been hard at work during his silence.

Not only is Vince Staples working on a new Netflix show, this one also bearing his name, he’s also planning on releasing two records the first being his self-titled and the next titled Ramona Park Broke My Heart.

While the second record has no official release date its clear that his titular record is not the last we will hear from him in 2021.

Listen to Vince Staples here:

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