Gap drops the first piece from their Yeezy collaboration

The first piece from the highly anticipated Yeezy x Gap collaboration released Monday night for pre-order.

Around 10 o’clock on Monday night a link finally became searchable on the official Gap website. The link lead to a page where customers were asked to fill out personal information and sizing preferences. Afterwards patrons were ushered into a waiting room for their chance to pre-order the very first Yeezy x Gap.

The piece in question, known simply as the “Round Jacket,” is a baby blue puffer-style jacket. Kanye West himself was seen wearing the piece last week in its blue form, as well as a black variant.

The jacket is retailed at $200 and is currently only available in the U.S. However, Gap has stated their interest in a worldwide release.

While many found the release of the garment surprising others saw it as quite fitting. Considering Tuesday, June 8 is West’s birthday.

The same day of release Gap also wiped their entire Instagram clean aside from a single post promoting the new jacket.

In the comments of said post Gap also cleared up any customer confusion regarding the release.

Also on the website is a list of locations where fans can view “Floating Projections.” These are art installations located in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago that have large scale projections of the Round Jacket.

The Yeezy x Gap collaboration is proving to be a major step in the right direction for Gap after total sales went down in Q4 of 2020. A report from Bloomberg revealed that Gap expects their new line with Yeezy break $150 million in its first full year. Additionally, Gap anticipates revenue in the billions within 8 years.

As of writing, the “Round Jacket” is still available for pre-order on the official Gap website.

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