Halsey teases new album produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Halsey Updates on Twitter: "iamhalsey: If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power  The FOURTH album by Halsey Produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross…  https://t.co/pSJBx8uCL9"

Halsey revealed the title of her new fourth studio album: If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power via a billboard Monday morning.

Along with the title the singer also announced that it would feature exclusive production from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are the only permanent members of Nine Inch Nails and most recently won a Golden Globe for best original score for their work on Pixar’s Soul.

Both Nine Inch Nails and Halsey made identical posts announcing their collaboration along with a small snippet of a currently unnamed track.

The billboard in the post is located in L.A. on Sunset Boulevard intersecting with San Vincente Boulevard. It was found thanks to cryptic Instagram post made from an account associated with Halsey which released the coordinates of the billboard.

The account called called “iichliwp,” an abbreviation of her album title has been in use since late May and will likely continue to reveal more information about the album overtime.

As of now, there is no official release date for If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

Release Roundup: Tyler, the Creator’s Call Me If You Get Lost

Call Me If You Get Lost

Tyler, the Creator has gone from rollout to the official release of his sixth studio album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST in just under a month.

The album takes a similar approach in terms of subject matter to his previous record IGOR, following a new alter ego, Tyler Baudelaire, as he falls in love with a woman already with another man. However, similarities between this record and IGOR stop there.

For CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST Tyler opted to create a more traditional hip-hop record with very select bouts of experimentation and genre-bending. The record in itself is meant to an addition to the Gangsta Grillz series of mixtapes. A series of records that were pertinent during the early 2000s.

This is evident from the frequent adlibs performed by DJ Drama, similar to those found in Kendrick Lamar’s last record DAMN.

It’s also become a form of wish-fulfillment for Tyler, as he’s wanted a Gangsta Grillz tape since 2010.

DJ Drama told Complex,: “I think this being his dream in a lot of ways, I wanted to give him the components to make his masterpiece. It has that Gangsta Grillz feel, but this is Tyler’s album. I wanted to relinquish some of the control and let him do what he always dreamed about.”

As far as the other features go, there are several prominent names on the record. Including the likes of Pharrell Williams, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Brent Faiyaz and many more.

The original number that fans spotted on billboards, kicking off the album rollout is still in use as of publication. It currently plays a snippet of the track “RISE!” from the album. However, on the day of release Tyler would pick up those who called the number.

A signup sheet now appears on the CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST website, however, it’s unknown what this will be used for.


Ken Ijima announces partnership between Vuja Dé and Proletareart

Ken Ijima, co-founder of fashion label Vuja Dé, announced on Tuesday morning a partnership between the brand and Proletareart, a tokyo-based brand specializing in customized clothing.

In an Instagram post Ijima explained, “We are pleased to announce that Vuja Dé and Proletareart will be in an exclusive partnership, releasing hand made pieces from vintage garments with our first drop coming later this Fall.”

The post heavily features an different version of a piece Ijima revealed just a few days prior. A varsity jacket which he stated was “75% done.”

Ijima further reveals in the original post that the jacket provides a “timeline” of his childhood. Featuring characters from the comic strip Peanuts and making references toward artists like Dali and James Turell. Ijima goes on to say there is a, “dichotomy between Art and Music – 2 subjects that shaped me to be me shown distinctively on our jacket, denim, hoodies, and many more in the near future.”

Vuja Dé’s FW collection will be called “Winter Wind” another musical reference, this time to a piece by Chopin of the same name. Each piece is said to be unique thanks to “traditional Japanese” threading techniques which will be facilitated by Proletareart.

In a recent vlog Ijima posted to his personal YouTube channel, he revealed he had been working on a redline denim restoration project. In the vlog, Ijima stated he wanted to cater to Japanese techniques across various communities in Japan. It would seem this collection is a continuation of that mindset, with Proletareart being the driving force behind those special techniques.

Proletareart is a brand with a very strong identity, the name is a play on the Marxist term “proletariat,” which is a collective term referring to working-class people. Their purpose was to remake old garments that had been “retired” so that they may be given new life as art. In a recent interview with Prot, the pseudonym presumably used by the brand owner, they explained their dedication to “vintage processing.” Prot said, “When the technique of ‘vintage processing’ is maximized, it may wear an aura that goes beyond the texture of old clothes that have existed for a long time.”

It would seem Vuja Dé and Proletareart are very aligned in their attitudes toward clothing, soon many will see how that plays out in their upcoming collection.

Tyler, the Creator releases new single, “LUMBERJACK” for his upcoming record

Tyler, the Creator Shares New Song “Lumberjack”: Listen | Pitchfork

Tyler, the Creator released his new single “LUMBERJACK” along with an accompanying music video Wednesday morning in anticipation for his upcoming record.

At just over two minutes, “LUMBERJACK” is the first single Tyler has dropped since his most recent collaboration with Coca-Cola.

The track marks a major return to the rappers roots opting for a much hip-hop oriented sound, contrasting the pop influence he had for his last studio record IGOR. The music video is directed by Tyler under his Wolf Haley alias and primarily features a wintery atmosphere along with cozy-cabin imagery.

Much like teaser he released to his Instagram two days prior, the video ends abruptly with a small jingle chanting the name of his forthcoming record; CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.

Speaking of the title, the official album website, callmeifyougetlost.com, was also recently updated to reflect the new album teaser and single.

Calling the number listed on the website leads to a 20 second snippet of a track likely to appear on the album.

There is no word on an official release date for the album but it’s unlike Tyler to keep fans waiting too long.

Listen to “LUMBERJACK” here:

Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott and Tyler, the Creator set to headline Day N Vegas

Day N Vegas released the official lineup for their upcoming 2021 festival on Monday morning, featuring major names headlining all three days.

After taking a year off due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Day N Vegas is coming back with a bang securing three of the heaviest hitters in Hip-Hop for center stage.

The official post on their social media revealing the lineup simply stated, “we back.”

While concerts have returned in some states like Florida, Day N Vegas marks a hard push for the return of live festivals. For many artists this will be their first official return to live performances as a whole.

Kendrick Lamar, who has not performed since 2018, will be kicking off the festival on Nov. 12. For Day N Vegas, it seems he will be performing songs all the way “from Section.80 to DAMN.” as the byline states. Travis Scott and Tyler, the Creator will be headlining the following 13 and 14 respectively.

Other notable performers include the likes of fellow TDE member Isiah Rashad, SZA, Thundercat, Lil Baby, Dababy, Doja Cat, Earl Sweatshirt, Ari Lennox, Freddie Gibbs and many more.

Nevada began vaccination rollout in Dec. 2020 and since then has delivered over a million vaccinations have been administered in Clark County alone. Furthermore, fully-vaccinated individuals in Nevada have not been required to wear a mask in most indoor and outdoor locations since May.

With that being said, Nevada is rated moderate in terms of risk and remains at tier 3, which allows some businesses to open with modifications.

Regardless, tickets for Day N Vegas will be available for pre-sale Friday, Jun 18 at 12 o’clock PT.

Gap drops the first piece from their Yeezy collaboration

The first piece from the highly anticipated Yeezy x Gap collaboration released Monday night for pre-order.

Around 10 o’clock on Monday night a link finally became searchable on the official Gap website. The link lead to a page where customers were asked to fill out personal information and sizing preferences. Afterwards patrons were ushered into a waiting room for their chance to pre-order the very first Yeezy x Gap.

The piece in question, known simply as the “Round Jacket,” is a baby blue puffer-style jacket. Kanye West himself was seen wearing the piece last week in its blue form, as well as a black variant.

The jacket is retailed at $200 and is currently only available in the U.S. However, Gap has stated their interest in a worldwide release.

While many found the release of the garment surprising others saw it as quite fitting. Considering Tuesday, June 8 is West’s birthday.

The same day of release Gap also wiped their entire Instagram clean aside from a single post promoting the new jacket.

In the comments of said post Gap also cleared up any customer confusion regarding the release.

Also on the website is a list of locations where fans can view “Floating Projections.” These are art installations located in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago that have large scale projections of the Round Jacket.

The Yeezy x Gap collaboration is proving to be a major step in the right direction for Gap after total sales went down in Q4 of 2020. A report from Bloomberg revealed that Gap expects their new line with Yeezy break $150 million in its first full year. Additionally, Gap anticipates revenue in the billions within 8 years.

As of writing, the “Round Jacket” is still available for pre-order on the official Gap website.

Release Roundup: Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee

Japanese Breakfast: Jubilee Album Review | Pitchfork

Japanese Breakfast, the solo musical project of Michelle Zauner, released her third studio album Jubilee this Friday.

Jubilee features a lot of the same quirks found on Zauner’s previous record, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, while still featuring enough small departures that mange to make it still feel fresh and exciting.

As the title would suggest the record is meant to have a more happy celebratory tone. If that wasn’t enough in a tweet announcing the record Zauner herself said the album was about “joy.”

Japanese Breakfast is known for her self-directed visuals, the music video for her track “Boyish” gaining a ton of traction following its release.

So it’s no surprise this record would come with a shmorgishborg of its own music videos all of which are once again directed and written by Zauner herself.

As if the singer couldn’t keep anymore busy, just a few months before the release of Jubilee, Zauner released her first book Crying in H Mart: A Memoir. A book named after a viral essay the multifaceted singer wrote in 2018 for the New Yorker.

Jubilee is now available for streaming:

IDK unveils album cover and release date for upcoming project

Rapper IDK revealed the album cover and gave fans an official release date for his highly anticipated follow-up to his debut studio album.

Nearly four months of album rollout later and IDK has finally given fans a set date that they can expect his sophomore album USEE4YOURSELF to arrive; July 9.

In an Instagram post the rapper revealed the album cover along with a caption revealing some of his thoughts on the project. “The idea of love is a complicated thing. It’s even more complicated for a black man in an environment that limits your vulnerability. I needed the truth to heal. I’m only now starting to see that,” wrote IDK.

However, that’s not the say the rapper hasn’t been giving out information about the record since he officially acknowledged its existence all the way back in February.

In fact, IDK has been giving fans a lot of content like move nights on his official discord server, hidden messages from secret Instagram accounts with limited follower capacities, and even a few covers.

IDK also isn’t shy when it comes to releasing singles, releasing the first single for USEE4YOURSELF “SHOOT MY SHOT” in April and “Just Like Martin” a month prior.

Fans can certainly expect much more rollout in the month leading up to the release of his newest project.

USEE4YOURSELF is now available for pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music.