Release Roundup: Black Midi’s Cavalcade

Listen to black midi's New Album Cavalcade, Surprise-Released Early - Paste

Black Midi released their long awaited follow-up to their debut record Schlagenheim this Wednesday two days ahead of schedule.

Instead of continuing their post-punk sound they opted for a more traditional prog-rock aesthetic for Cavalcade, very reminiscent of pioneer acts like King Crimson.

This time around the band would also have to record their guitarist Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin, due to his recent struggle with mental health issues. Regardless, Kwasniewski-Kelvin still retains some writing credits for a few tracks despite not making an appearance on the album.

The day of release Black Midi livestreamed the entire album on their YouTube channel holding a mock listening party for fans all over the world. Despite the listening party taking place two days before the album was slated to officially release it was almost immediately after the stream.

In early May Black Midi also announced a 2021 UK, Europe and US tour in support of Cavalcade.

If that wasn’t enough they will also be making an appearance at Pitchforks Music Festival in Sept. 2021.

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