Release Roundup: Crumb’s Ice Melt

Crumb (band) - Wikipedia

Alternative rock band Crumb released their much anticipated sophomore album Ice Melt this week.

This is their first major project since their 2019 album Jinx and features a completely evolved sound from their previous bodies of work.

On Instagram their lead vocalist Lila Ramani shared a heartfelt story about the process of making the album, “In mid-march last year, we halted production of the album…. Ice Melt was a rare and precious escape from the idleness and chaos of the year; at times it felt like the songs were the only things grounding us to this earth, a living breathing vestige of our pre-pandemic lives.”

Crumb saw a lot of initial success thanks to their second EP “Locket.” The title track of which received a music video that went viral for its trippy visual effects and lo-fi sound. Ice Melt seems to be the natural continuation of that sound this time featuring more elements of “dream pop.”

“Ice Melt” is available to stream everywhere.

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