Earl Sweatshirt teases a new something new with other artists

Earl Sweatshirt Does Not Exist | Pitchfork

Earl Sweatshirt posted a photo of an art piece to his Instagram Monday morning with a caption that simply read, “4/30.”

The art piece depicts several black colored figures against a multicolored background. The photo is in a rather low resolution which implies the small photo is likely one part of a much larger piece.

What’s also of note is that several other of Earl Sweatshirt’s collaborators and contemporaries have posted the same photo with the same vague caption. Navy Blue, Pink Siifu, The Alchemist, Maxo and Boldy James, all of which who have previously worked with Earl Sweatshirt in the past, have posted the cryptic image.

The last project to release from Earl Sweatshirt was a deluxe version of his previous EP “Feet of Clay” which debuted in June 2020. Since then he’s only sporadically appeared as a feature on a few tracks from artists like Zelooperz and Black Noi$e, both of which have also not posted the photo of art piece or referenced the looming date of April 30.

It’s unknown if the date is referencing a project or possibly even a track featuring all the artists. Something that doesn’t seem unlikely considering the groups tendency to collaborate with each other often.

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