Travis Scott and Nike unveil their new collaboration: “British Khaki.”

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Official images of the Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott British Khaki released today along with a line of merch and a raffle for the sneaker on Tuesday.

It’s been a little under a year since Travis Scott officially released his last collaboration with the Nike. The Nike Air Max 270 dubbed the “Cactus Trails” was the last thing to release other than the incredibly limited PlayStation Nike Dunks that coincided with the holiday release of the PlayStation 5.

However, it would seem the Houston rapper is ready to release again after relative silence. This is the very first time the rapper has officially released a second colorway for the same Jordan silhouette. The previous Jordan 6 colorway was called “Olive” and consisted of mostly military green accents on the sneaker with smooth suede, a small pouch on the ankle and glow in the dark soles. This new colorway, “British Khaki” is quite different with a mostly tan color palette and a much rougher suede texture. However it retains the iconic ankle pouch seen in the last Air Jordan 6.

With that being said, this is likely not the last shoe release we will see from Cactus Jack in 2021. Many images have surfaced of a possible collaboration between Travis Scott and Fragment which could result in a brand new colorway for La Flame’s iconic backwards swoosh Air Jordan 1.

However, those are just leaks and fans of Travis Scott will have to await any more news of new Nike collaborations.

The Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott British Khaki releases on April 30, 2021.

Release Roundup: Cordae’s Just Until….

YBN Cordae changes his name after YBN group splits - REVOLT

Cordae released a small EP Thursday this week in anticipation for his upcoming sophomore album aptly titled “Just Until….”

It is his first major release since his debut album The Lost Boy came out in 2019 and as the title suggests it’s supposed to be something to tide fans over until he eventually drops his next studio record. Even the cover of the EP reinforces this as well. It features The cover of the EP is minimalist and in a bolded typeface at the bottom text reads, “See you soon, Album almost done. -Cordae.”

The EP also makes use of several high profile features from that of Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest and Young Thug who also recently released a project as well.

In terms of sound its a departure from Cordae’s usual lyrical rapping formula, instead opting for simpler flows, production and traditional choruses. It’s a much more stripped down version of the Grammy-nominated artist than fans are likely used to seeing.

The same day Cordae also released a music video for the opening track of the EP “More Life.” The Video features Cordae returning to previous places that had impacted his life such as his old neighborhood, his middle school and the college he briefly attended.

As far as his upcoming album goes, it seems to be very close to completion according to Cordae himself. A recent Instagram story showed him at his studio with a caption that read “Album loading…. 90% done.” The story that followed corrected the previous stating, “*92.”

Provided there will be no delays it would seem the project is coming along smoothly and should be available for listeners ears very soon.

Kobe Bryant’s estate ends deal with Nike

Kobe Bryant would go bike riding at 4:30 AM": Tim Grover waxes eloquent  about the Lakers legend's work ethic and dedication to improving his craft  | The SportsRush

Over a year after the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his wife, Vanessa Bryant elected to not renew the players deal with Nike which expired earlier this month.

In a statement to ESPN, Vanessa Bryant said, “Kobe and Nike have made some of the most beautiful basketball shoes of all time, worn and adored by fans and athletes in all sports across the globe. It seems fitting that more NBA players wear my husband’s product than any other signature shoe.”

Nike responded to Bryant’s choice in an official statement that read, “Kobe Bryan was an important part of Nike’s deep connection to consumers. He pushed us and made everyone around him better. Through our contractual relationship has ended, he remains a deeply loved member of the Nike family.”

The last Kobe release was on April 13th, a restock of the Kobe 6 “Grinch,” a sneaker commemorating the five year anniversary of his 60-point final game. However, as of now, there will be no future Kobe releases.

“My hope will always be to allow Kobe’s fans to get and wear his products,” Vanessa Bryant said to ESPN. “I will continue to fight for that. Kobe’s products sell out in seconds. That says everything.

Vanessa Bryant confirmed to ESPN that the estate owns the rights to the “Mamba” logo and his signature. With that being said, Bryant’s estate is now free to negotiate with any other brand for a new partnership should they choose.

Release Roundup: Young Stoner Records – Slime Language 2

Slime Language 2

Young Stoner Life Records released their second label compilation Slime Language 2 this Friday marking another major slew of high profile collaborations.

It is the official continuation of their 2018 record; Slime Language and features several notable names like Travis Scott, Drake, NAV, Future, Skepta, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, YMW Melly, Big Sean and Kid Cudi.

Of course, all members under YSL Records are all present on the album as well including Young Thug and Gunna themselves, who are no stranger to big collaborations. However, with this record it’s nature of kinship is very much intentional.

The cover for the album features the collective in a large-scale family style portrait reflecting the familial nature of the album. Something the trailer for the record also emphasizes heavily as YSL Records refers to themselves as “The biggest family in the world.”

The tracks also reflect this notion as well. Thugger appears in nearly every track carrying the album all the way to the finish. “Proud of You” sings the praises of Lil Uzi Vert who’s featured on the track and even Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk snags a verse on “Real.”

It’s a more personal record to the collective and Young Thug than one may initially expect. The group has undeniable chemistry and their connection only seems to exude in each track that follows.

Slime Language 2 is available everywhere.

Earl Sweatshirt teases a new something new with other artists

Earl Sweatshirt Does Not Exist | Pitchfork

Earl Sweatshirt posted a photo of an art piece to his Instagram Monday morning with a caption that simply read, “4/30.”

The art piece depicts several black colored figures against a multicolored background. The photo is in a rather low resolution which implies the small photo is likely one part of a much larger piece.

What’s also of note is that several other of Earl Sweatshirt’s collaborators and contemporaries have posted the same photo with the same vague caption. Navy Blue, Pink Siifu, The Alchemist, Maxo and Boldy James, all of which who have previously worked with Earl Sweatshirt in the past, have posted the cryptic image.

The last project to release from Earl Sweatshirt was a deluxe version of his previous EP “Feet of Clay” which debuted in June 2020. Since then he’s only sporadically appeared as a feature on a few tracks from artists like Zelooperz and Black Noi$e, both of which have also not posted the photo of art piece or referenced the looming date of April 30.

It’s unknown if the date is referencing a project or possibly even a track featuring all the artists. Something that doesn’t seem unlikely considering the groups tendency to collaborate with each other often.



BROCKHAMPTON released their sixth studio album on Friday, one of two that is expected to release in 2021.

Their last official release arrived in 2019 and since then the group has remained tight lipped on new music until now. It would seem ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE is meant to usher in a new echelon for the already prolific boyband.

With that being said, this new album and the one expected to also arrive this year are supposedly the final BROCKHAMPTON albums.

Kevin Abstract, the groups front man, said in a short tweet, “2 brockhampton albums in 2021 – these will be our last.” Much to the dismay of their fans.

While this is not the first time someone from the group has announced their intent to disband only continue to release more material this time feels a lot more serious than before. While the reason for their supposed intent to breakup is unknown much of the group are focusing on other projects.

Just recently Kevin Abstract announced on twitter a brand new record label he created with fellow BROCKHAMPTON member Romil. “me & romil started a record label together – Video Store – our first release came out today by one of my favorite artists in the world. if you’re reading this please follow @blossomenergy & listen to their new EP rite NOW!!” said Kevin.

It’s also completely possible members of the group want to begin their own solo careers, something they’ve hinted and joked about before.

Former BROCKHAMPTON member, Ameer Vann, after leaving the group in 2018, began his solo career not very long after and has seen relative success. It’s likely the rest of the group would see similar results given their status has only increased since their initial release of the Saturation Trilogy in 2017.

Whatever the case may be fans will have to wait and see what comes next from their favorite American boyband.

Kanye West documentary goes to Netflix for $30M

Kanye West
John Rogers/Getty Images

A documentary 21 years in the making featuring exclusive footage of Kanye West has been sold to Netflix for a reported $30M, according to Billboard.

The documentary is the work of two filmmakers Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah, who’ve previously worked with Kanye on several music videos for iconic tracks like “Jesus Walks” and “Through the Wire.” For over two decades the two have been documenting the artists life and are finally ready to release the miniseries later this year.

In the past the two directors have also worked on other documentaries, like their critically acclaimed ESPN documentary series 30-for-30, and Benji, a film about Chicago basketball player Ben Wilson.

The documentary series aims to tell the story of the producer turned rapper turned billionaire entrepreneur’s rise to stardom and success as well as his effect on the music industry at large, something undeniable to many artists working today.

According to Billboard, the directors relationship with West serves as the “backbone” of the series, dispute West having nothing to do with the project creatively. With that being said, Kanye West has reportedly given the documentary his “blessing” and his willingness to be filmed for 21 years is support enough.

Kanye West is no stranger to headlines. Just last month, Forbes estimated that the rapper’s net worth was around $1.8 billion making him one of the richest black men in the world. A year prior, West made headlines for his presidential bid. However, it would seem this documentary is going to cover far more than what general audiences have been exposed to thanks to the “exclusive” and “rare” footage the directors have captured.

While the series remains untiled it is slated to release later in 2021.

Amoeba Music reopens it’s doors since it closed at the start of the pandemic

Amoeba Music's Sunset Boulevard location will not reopen due to  coronavirus; new location set to open in the fall – Daily News

The popular record store, Amoeba Music, has reopened in its new location in Hollywood after closing down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new location was announced back in Feb. of 2020 but due to COVID-19 had its opening postponed. Meanwhile its previous location was unable to reopen at all for the same reason. However, on March 30th, Los Angeles County reached the orange tier which allows all retail stores to be opened with modifications.

Amoeba Music is taking its modifications seriously and on their website outlined their detailed safety protocols. Aside from the usual protocols expected such as directional signs and social distancing, patrons who wish to sell their records are no longer able to remain in the store as their products are being assessed unless they’re shopping.

As for the opening day in itself, several festivities were planned. Customers will get a limited edition poster as a gift with purchase created by a local Los Angeles artist.

Amoeba Music is now open Monday through Sunday 11 A.M. through 8 P.M.

My Bloody Valentine confirms 2 new projects

Fans can expect two new releases from the iconic shoegaze band in the coming year, according to a recent interview with New York Times.

Today My Bloody Valentine released all their projects on streaming services for the first time since their sudden removal a few years prior. Their website also updated featuring links for fans to pre-order a re-issue of their vinyl, CD’s and merchandise.

Many fans rejoiced as they were finally able to hear their 2013 project ‘m b v’ for the first time officially. However, that is not the only surprise fans were in store for.

An interview with New York Time’s revealed that the band is working on not one, but two records set to release quite soon. The first of the two albums, according to Kevin Shields, My Bloody Valentine front man, is going to be “warm and melodic” while the other is going to be “more experimental and feature a “stark evolution” from his original “very traditional” writing process.

While those statements may sound vague Shields maintains that is the point. “I don’t want to give too much away because I could lay it out verbally, and then someone’s going to go, ‘That’s a really good idea.'” said Shields

The band is currently waiting on the right time to meet in Shield’s home studio to begin recording, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Belinda Butcher, the guitarist for My Bloody Valentine, told NYT over email that it would “probably be finished by the end of the year.”

While promises for a new release have been made in the past and never been fulfilled Shields has stated his view on timelines has dramatically changed since their last release which came eight years ago. “Time is a bit more precious…I don’t want to be 70-something wanting to make the next record after ‘m b v.’ I think it’d be cooler to make one now.”

It would seem fans have to hold out only a little bit longer until their favorite shoegaze band is ready to release music again.