My Bloody Valentine teases something new

My Bloody Valentines official Instagram suddenly became active again after nearly a year of silence to tease something new releasing on March 31st.

The cryptic teaser in question, features visuals lifted from their album Loveless, as their song Only Tomorrow plays in the background. Text in their iconic rounded typeface spells out, “M B V 31 03.” A link to their website is in the caption for the video which has become a mostly blank page where an email sign up is available. Many fans believe this is the band promoting an official release of their 2013 album MBV to streaming services.

Due to the album being self released it has never seen any outside of their personal website since its debut. Much of the rest of their catalog has also practically disappeared from streaming services up till recently.

With all that being said some eager fans have also come to the conclusion that the band is gearing up to release a brand new project. The band has reportedly been working on new material since 2018 but has since not met any deadlines promised. The most recent lead comes from Writer and Producer Andy Savors biography on his personal website which states he has “been recording the new album for MY BLOODY VALENTINE and worked with KEVIN SHIELDS on remastering ‘loveless’ and ‘isn’t anything’ for Vinyl.”

With all their info currently being updated on streaming services fans will have to wait a very short amount of time to figure out what it all means for the iconic act.

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