Remembering Her’s 3 years later

Her's band death: Liverpool band killed in head-on crash while traveling to  US concert - CNN

Her’s was an indie rock band from Liverpool, England consisting of Stephen Fitzpatrick on vocals and guitar and Audun Laading who played bass and sang backup vocals.

The band was known for their unique sound blending dream pop and indie rock to creating an innovative mix between the two that dazzled audiences for years. This was achieved thanks to Fitzpatrick’s creative guitar riffs, Laadings smooth bass grooves, and their collective choice to use a drum machine rather than regular drum kit.

Their subject matter also ranged across a wide spectrum of topics. “Cool with You” from their compilation album Songs of Her’s is a heartfelt ballad about a person wanting to call someone’s name, a song meant to be about companionship. Meanwhile the opener to their debut album, Invitation to Her’s while admittedly similar to the former is dedicated to “a six-foot, three-and-a-half-inch tall invisible rabbit,” according to the band themselves.

Their debut single, “Dorothy,” was released in April 2016, and met with favorable reception. Jamile Milton of DIY compared their sound to that of Beach Fossils and Ariel Pink. Others would go on to name Mac DeMarco as well. Their compilation album was met with positive scores as well

Their first and only record was released in Aug. 2018 and was met with generally positive reviews from critics. It was certainly enough to send the band touring around the world. The band had several successful touring dates in Europe and the United States following the release of their debut album. It went over so well the band announced a second batch of North American tours in October 2018. The band was supposed to perform across the United States with venues Washington, Texas and even New York.

All was well at the beginning of the tour. The band even made a tongue-in-cheek tweet to celebrate their sucsessful landing. “

We’re officially on US soil, and your American air is tasting delicious, crisp with a hint of freedom. We’ll soon be truckin into Texas to participate in the @sxsw festivities. Come see us all five times or just the once, depending on how eager you are,” wrote the band.

However, despite such an optimistic start the band would not be able to complete their North American tour. On March 27th 2019, their label, Heist or Hit, would announce their passing due to a “road accident” that occurred that Wednesday morning as the band was driving from Phoenix to to perform a show on that evening in Santa Ana, California.

“We are all heartbroken…Their energy, vibrancy and talent came to define our label. As humans, they were warm, gentle and hilarious. Each time they stopped by the office made for an uplifting experience. To say they were close would be an underestimation of a friendship that was genuinely beautiful to witness; they loved one another like brothers,” said the label in an official statement.

Many people from the Liverpool music scene would go on to share their grief about the bands unfortunate passing sharing statements about the bands genuine bond and charismatic image. An image that will never fade so long as their name echoes through listeners ears.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Her’s 3 years later

  1. Losing them is a tragedy I feel I’ll never come to terms with. Their forlorn music haunts my heart every time I listen, bringing blurry, bitter tears to my eyes. So young, so gifted, and so full of light… Such promise scattered to the wind by the carelessness of some stupid fuck driving the wrong way down the highway. For the love of God, people, please don’t drink and drive.
    R.I.P. brothers. Indeed, you’ll never fade, but live on in our hearts and headphones.


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