BROCKHAMPTON releases new single “BUZZCUT” with a music video


After many teasers, boy-band BROCKHAMPTON is ready to start rolling out singles in anticipation for their forthcoming album ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE.

Word on the new single began on Tuesday. Kevin Abstract posted to his Instagram account asking for 5000 comments and in return BROCKHAMPTON would release a new music video. After quickly, surpassing the 5000 comment threshold they confirmed a new single and music video would release the next day. What came was “BUZZCUT” their newest track after a year of relative silence from the group.

The track features a verse from Danny Brown a rapper the group looks up to greatly. The rest of the song prominently displays BROCKHAMPTON front man Kevin Abstract and an outro delivered by JOBA and Merlyn Wood. The track is very self referential, Kevin interpolates many themes from his previous verses in the song and Danny Brown even makes a passing reference to a Nas verse. According to Romil Hemnani, one of their producers, the track is also heavily inspired by the Beastie Boys.

The music video is full of weird trippy visuals similar in style to their work from their 2018 studio album iridescence, complete with the same, thermal vision and saturated color palette. If that wasn’t enough its in their trademark 4:3 aspect ratio and every member is seen sporting a blue varsity jacket. The video mostly features the members horsing around riding in a red sports car, until Danny Brown emerges from JOBA’s mouth and turns into monster. The video ends with heartfelt coos from JOBA as his hair blows in the wind.

While their newest record has no set release date its safe to assume what’s sure to follow are more updates from the boy band as the year continues leading up to their eventual release.

“BUZZCUT” is available for streaming everywhere.

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