New York clothing brand Noah introduces a clothing recycling program

NOAH - Not Dead Yet - 1

Not Dead Yet is Noah’s solution to textile waste, its a clothing recycling program that offers their consumers the ability to send their used clothing back for a second chance at life.

“We don’t think of clothing as disposable, but sometimes you can outgrow or simply fall out of love with a garment. We’d like to offer you the option to bring or send used Noah items back to us,” said the New York-based brand in an Instagram post.

Old and used products can be either mailed or returned in person to their Soho location to l later be repurposed. Noah plans to wash and repair old garments to be resold or donate them to organizations like New York Cares to get clothes for people in need. Additionally, any clothing they deem unwearable will be recycled and turned into things like wiping rags or insolation.

Textile waste has been one of the rising issues due to fast fashion brands generating thousands of pieces every year to stay on trend. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2018, 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in landfills making up 5.8 percent of the total municipal solid waste generation that year.

What Noah is offering is a alternative in order to slow the continued waste of textiles. “What we’re really excited about is finding ways to keep our clothes in use, rather than forgotten or thrown away,” said the brand.

The current store credit rates Noah is offering is as follows:

Outerwear/Jackets – $40

T-Shirts – $4

Tops & Shirts – $7

Sweatshirts & Sweaters -$15

Everything Else (Pants/Shoes) – $20

With that being said, not all products are eligible to the program. Bags, hats, beanies swimsuits, accessories or jewelry are not able to be returned. Additionally items must have a logo or composition tag intact in order to receive credit.

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