Ruby’s Diner closes two pier locations

Ruby's Diner at end of Huntington Beach Pier serves its last shake, but a  new eatery may take its place - Los Angeles Times

After an almost 30 year run Ruby’s Diner announced the permanent shut down of both their Huntington Beach and Oceanside locations on Friday.

In an Instagram post made by their official account they said, “We are deeply saddened to be closing our doors, but we are so thankful for all the wonderful memories that were shared over the years at the end of these two iconic piers.”

The post prompted some to ask whether other locations would meet the same fate, such as their location in Laguna Beach. Ruby’s Diner assured everyone in a secondary post to Instagram that their other locations would remain open.

“Many people have asked if we are shutting down all of our locations. This is not true at all. A lot of our locations across Orange County and beyond are still open and serving our famous burgers, shakes and fries,” the post said.

The diner continued to remain optimistic about the future promising their patrons they have “exciting” plans in the works.

Since the inception of the pandemic, thousands of restaurants across California have closed down. According to a survey conducted by the California Restaurant Association, 30 percent of restaurants say they will either close their restaurant permanently, or they will downsize by closing some locations.

With that being said, no official reason has been given for the closure of both establishments.

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