Solange Knowles gives “significant donation” toward post-freeze housing relief efforts.

Houston-born artist Solange Knowles made a “significant donation” on Thursday to an abolitionist collective in order to support their post-freeze housing effort in Houston. “The Houston love is REAL,” wrote Mutual Aid Houston on Twitter.

Texas has been facing brutal weather conditions this past week like they’ve never seen before. More than 100 million Americans are being affected due to severe weather, many of them having to go without power or even clean water.

In Houston alone 20 deaths have been reported all of which are attributed to the storm.

Knowles is a Houston native who’s never been shy about disclosing her hometown. In 2019, she dedicated an entire album to Houston writing many songs about its culture and appropriately titling them after various parts of the community. “Sending so much love back home… and I’m committed to doing more” the singer tweeted in response to Mutual Aid Houston.

The small organization in question is relatively new, according to their website, Mutual Aid Houston was formed by locals in response to Covid-19 and police brutality following the death of George Floyd. 100 percent of donations are said to go directly toward their efforts as their team is unpaid.

Within the past week they’ve gained significant traction for their successful relief efforts in Houston and high-profile donations.

Their most recent GoFundMe dedicated specifically toward winter storm relief raised $228,849 in only two days. On Friday they redistributed $54,000 worth of donations directly to 545 Houstonians in need.

With that being said, they are still working on delivering donations “as fast as possible” however according to their Twitter posting itemized receipts has been a challenge. Nonetheless, they’ve promised to distribute all funds in a “timely manner.”

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