DEVELOPING: Rapper IDK posts cryptic messages about an “unfortunate” announcement

Rapper IDK Will Teach a Music Business Crash Course at Harvard - Rolling  Stone

Rapper IDK posted several vague stories to his Instagram page after wiping his account clean Tuesday evening.

The first was a photo of his zeroed out post number with the caption, “I’d like to speak with everyone please turn post notifications on. Sorry for this.” The next story came a few hours after the first, it was just a black screen with text that read, “Hey everyone. Unfortunately I have to make an announcement tomorrow that may not be ideal for everyone but I hope it will be understood.”

These messages obviously worried fans and caused many to inquire about the artists health. A third and final story from IDK confirmed he was fine. “I’m alive and well kids don’t worry,” he said.

That same morning IDK sent a text to his followers promising an official release of a snippet he posted a few weeks prior. Whether this is an attempt at building hype for his new single is unknown.

IDK is known for his unorthodox methods of promotion, creating secret private accounts for his fans to follow or even sending them a dollar for every typo he publicly makes. So something like this isn’t out of the ordinary.

Regardless of what the “unfortunate” news may be, all will be answered on Wednesday.

EDIT 2/25/21: The following day IDK posted a photo asking fans to check back every 24 hours for a new info on his upcoming album USEE4YOURSELF. He changed the name of his alternate account, where he posts exclusive information about his work, from to The same day IDK created an official discord server as per fan request.

IDK hasn’t revealed much concrete information about his upcoming work, but claims the album is done and could be released at any time. When asked about features all he could say was, “I cannot spoil the movie.” As far as the album goes fans will just have to wait and see.

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