How to find new music 3

After some thought I decided now would be a good time to revisit an annual series I’ve kept up for this website since 2019. This is the segment where I show you three novel ways to discover new music. It no secret music is my favorite thing to write about on this page and my passion to share only grows more and more. So without any further delay here are three ways to discover new music.

  1. Related Artists

Here’s a simple tip that many of you have probably already employed but never noticed before. Within both Spotify, Apple Music and other popular streaming services, there’s usually a tab that shows artists related to those you already listen to. For instance, Joji’s related artists have to do with many of the people he’s collaborated with and the label he’s apart of. People like Rich Brian, August 08 and the Higher Brothers. However, this tool is also useful for finding more artists related to a specific genre. While listening to a few Daughters records I was flooded with a wave of new metal artists to check out in their related tab. Needless to say, I was very excited.

2. /mu/ Essentials

Say what you want about /mu/ and other music boards, but one thing I think very few can deny is their ability to categorize and list albums. Within their community lies an infamous image of 200 or so albums designed to help you become an “entry level /mu/tant.” Whatever that means. While I personally have not taken the deep dive into every record recommended by their admittedly overzealous community, I can confidently say I’ve listened to good chunk and that most are well worth the status of “essential.”

This list, while not perfect by any means, gives a very good look into some of the best most influential albums ever created. It doesn’t hit every mark and some genres are outright left out of the list entirely. However, everyone needs a good foundation and that’s exactly what this list accomplishes.

3. Visit a record store

I put this method last due to the fact it requires going outside, something I am well aware not all are privy to be doing during our global pandemic. Provided you are not showing any signs of sickness, practicing social distancing, and wearing a mask going to your local record shop can be a very fun activity. At any given store there are thousands of records to sift through from wide range of genres. Even if you don’t own a record player there is still an extensive catalog of music at your disposal. If any record catches your eye, you can simply just find them online first and listen to them there.

If you are fortunate enough to own a record player, then I wholeheartedly recommend picking up a random record and giving it a listen at home. Some record stores have a small bin filled with LP’s which could cost pennies to the dollar. Taking a chance on these can not only lead to unexpected discoveries, but expose you to new music you would have never listened to before. I picked up a George Benson’s 1983 record In Your Eyes for no reason other than it was two dollars. I was pleasantly surprised when I was met with one of the most beautiful soul albums I’ve ever heard. Needless to say, it was well worth the small purchase.

With the new year bringing promising changes to our way of life, I am more than certain we are going to receive some very good projects from our favorite artists this year. With that being said, I intend to cover as much of it as possible.

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