150-word track review: Dissolve – Absofacto

Absofacto-Dissolve.jpgAbsofacto beautifully blends industrial rock and electronic pop in this beautiful ode to unhealthy relationships. This is the opening track to his 2017 EP Thousand Peaces. There are a lot of moving parts to this track and the elements he uses from the different genres he takes inspiration from are blended perfectly into one cohesive ballad.

I just wanted you to watch me dissolve, slowly in a pool full of your love, but I don’t even know how the chemistry works.

His explanation of falling deep within a love even he can’t control is contrasted by his tone. He sounds almost sanguine if not a little confused and this works very well with the subject matter at hand. It’s one part nostalgic and another part poignant, this is a relatively difficult emotion to evoke but he does it quite stylishly.

Don’t let this song dissolve and just give it a listen.

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