150-word track review: Patience – Tame Impala

After almost four years of radio silence from Tame Impala, Kevin Parker has finally decided to grace our ears with a brand new single. I honestly have no idea if this song is actually good or not It’s just incredibly exciting to hear something made exclusively by Tame Impala.

The song of course is by and large about Parkers supposed disappearance.

Has it been even that long, did I count the days wrong?

However, he also takes the time to explain himself. Maintaining the fact that he’s working on refining his art and time is not of the essence.

I’m just growing up in stages, living life in phases. Another season changes.

The track is standard fare for Tame Impala. It’s poignant and introspective with a contradictory instrumental to clash with Parkers melancholic voice.

We have been patient enough as an audience. It’s time to give this track a listen.

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