150-word track review: Nobody – Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco returns from his last musical venture almost a whole year later with one of his most stripped-down, minimalist singles to date. It’s a divergence from the sound he’s most famously known for but it seems to be a natural departure from his previous album This Old Dog.

“Nobody” is a single from Demarco’s upcoming album Here Comes the Cowboy. The music video released alongside the track features him in lizard makeup, a cowboy hat, slowly bobbing along to the soft guitar strumming, and mouthing along to the lyrics. It’s a strange concept that has meaning to nobody else but him, however, something tells me he prefers it that way.

The only sad thing about this release is that some people went and assumed Demarco was surreptitiously attempting to divert attention away from, Japanese artist, Mitski’s album of a similar name that released a year prior.

How Stupid.

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