150-word track review: Harvey – Her’s

a3177872563_10.jpgHere we have a classic case of a wintertime jam. The chords evoke such a festive, catchy tone, with such a high-strung (no pun intended) psychedelic guitar and chimes its hard not to at least bob your head to the beat. I also enjoy how misleading it is with its subject matter. One may mishear “Harvey” for “honey” and get coaxed into thinking this is a song about love when in actuality its dedicated to a six-foot, three-and-a-half-inch tall invisible rabbit. Or at least that’s what the guys over at Her’s claim.

Harvey, nobody knows what I see. Nobody knows I’m waiting. Waiting for you to call.

Something about the constantly tone-shifting voice of Stephen Fitzpatrick has such magical property. It really shouldn’t sound as good as it does, but against all odds it does. A perfect pick for the season. Give it a listen, its practically inviting you to.

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