150-word track review: Leave you alone – Sea of Lettuce


There are those strange periods of life where something just doesn’t feel right. where your motivation seems to have completely withered away under the weight of your own hubris. It’s these emotions that Sea of Lettuce is able to capture so effortlessly in a short three-minute timespan.

Waking up but I just stay in bed. Trying to get you off my mind instead. I don’t remember all the things I said. Losing memories somewhere in my head.

It’s these small glimpses at overall disinterest that really resonate with me personally. The singer is in a rut emotionally but continues on aimlessly. The drums tumble on peacefully and the guitar rhythmically strums to the melancholic sentiments of the singer.

And I know. It’s my own fault, that I say I’ll call you.

A great song for the winter. Give it a listen, you won’t be able to leave this one alone.

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