150-word track review: SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK – Joji

cant you seeJoji continues to impress me with his unmatched understanding of music. I was incredibly skeptical about his newest venture as I noticed he’s been departing from his older lo-fi roots instead focusing his efforts on more commercially beneficial sound. However, his newest single for his upcoming sophomore album BALLADS1 has dispelled any sort of fears that I’ve been mulling.

It’s a Joji song in its purest form. It’s about failed love with a beat that mixes lo-fi percussion and R&B style melodies. It seemingly follows the narrative build from Joji’s prior single “Yeah Right” that evidently deals with similar subject matter.

It’s impossible for me to adequately describe my love for what Joji does. He’s able to put out an amazing track month after month and stands out among his contemporaries.  I implore you to give this track a listen, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself slow dancing to it.

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