150-word track review: Cake – Scott James


Scott James grapples with the loss of innocence in the opener to his 2017 album Shelter Island Heights. He begins by saying:

Now I’ve done it too. It’s funny how it happens.

These ominous words carry their tension throughout the track as James continues to lament his choices even going into denial halfway through as he repeats in the chorus:

Course I’d like to lose it. Won’t you help me lose it.

As the listener reaches the end, the drums and horns kick in to form a beautiful ballad that compliments its melancholic tone. A stark contrast from the soft guitar that the track begins on. The whole track just simply feels like it builds up to that one moment of musical euphoria. Where the listener is immersed in the desolate world. It’s clear no one does build ups like he does. Listen to it, should be a piece of cake.

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