150-word track review: In the Zone – Ken Ashcorp


Ken Ashcorp is one of those artists that’s consistently able to floor me. Whether it be by his masterfully created ballads or his ability to sing about anything and make it sound good, he always finds a way to fascinate my delicate mind. This track is obviously no different. In its most raw essence, the song is about sex. It’s about losing yourself and taking everything in the heat of the moment. When you’re in the zone you don’t really care what anyone else thinks, despite how vulnerable you may be.

Oh, confidence exude, God, I love that attitude. Shudder from the shutter, shut up and make me glad that I did this with you.

The constant booming guitar riff and the almost wispy way Ashcorp delivers his lyrics makes for an incredibly enjoyable track that I listen to rather regularly. Give it a listen and get in the zone.

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