150-word track review: Come Smile With Me – Sleepspent


If there’s one thing I love it’s a song that puts me at ease while simultaneously being fast. Sleepspent is able to capture this very specific tone in such an impressive and engaging fashion. The track has themes of isolation in its lyrics while ultimately recounting a story of self-destruction.

When the world falls asleep it may as well be decimated. I can’t see and I can’t sleep oh, seven years of tired waiting.

The rolling acoustic guitar riffs play together nicely with the hard-hitting drums. It all culminates into this beautiful ballad sung predominately by the lead singer; Austin North. Fittingly enough, the song ends just like how it begins: abruptly.

It’s the epitome of a summertime jam. Something you can listen to as you drive across the sandy coast or as you’re drifting to sleep on a warm night. It’s sure to bring a smile to anyone listening.

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