150-word track review: Okay – Temporex


It’s incredibly rare when you find a song that you relate to so much you’d’ve thought it was written especially for you. Such is the case of this bubbly track by Joseph N. Flores AKA Temporex. The track details the age-old struggle of being separated by the one you call yours.

Baby, I don’t know what to do. I’m just so damn far away from you. I kiss you before you get onto the train. Might not see you for months and that pains me to say…

It’s something that speaks to me very deeply at this point in time and its poignancy is made more elaborate by its contrasting production. In true Temporex fashion, the song is layered with bells, a fluffy guitar, and jazzy drums. Its ladder section is more experimental but a nice closer to an already enjoyable track. Give it a listen, it’s anything but okay.

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