150-word track review: Bitter – Palace

breaking me down

Lend me your brakes again, you’re more than my speed. And I’ve played heartstrings before, but not in your key.

These are the first words uttered by Palace frontman; Leo Wyndham in the second track off their 2014 EP entitled Lost in the Night. This is said after the audience is able to hear the opening guitar licks that effectively set the narrative tone for the rest of the track. It’s desolate, whispy, and above all else; cold. Those are the very few words I can use to describe this beautiful song as anything else would just come off as disingenuous.

It’s one part heartbreaking and another part reassuring to hear Wyndham sing about the bitterness of envy. It’s sung to such a minimalist yet complex instrumental that it causes the listener to focus solely on the emotional vigor echoing from Wyndham’s words. Give it a listen. You won’t feel bitter.

Additional Reading:

It’s been around for a while but how well do you know ‘Bitter’?

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