An addendum to my piece on BROCKHAMPTON and Ameer Vann

I think it’s a virtue for one to be able to admit they’re wrong. It implies they have a sense of humility and tact. Today I figured out just how wrong I was and now I have to opportunity to tell you why.

Following the publication of my article on Ameer Vann and the end of BROCKHAMPTON, more information began to surface on the sordid affairs that took place. I’ve read over the article from Pitchfork that details two accounts on what happened to the two strong women that endured Ameer’s abuse and I’ve reneged my sentiments on the whole debacle.

I now realize how malicious the entire situation was and I can see why the members of BROCKHAMPTON decided to give Ameer the boot. It’s clear they were told the full story before it went public and made their choice based on that.

I apologize for any misinformation or manipulation I may have indirectly caused. I hope we can move past this travesty and look towards a brighter future where such macabre things like this don’t take place so often.

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