An A.I. created a Travis Scott song

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(Authors Note: My company never posted this article I did back when it was relevant so I am archiving it here.)

A recent experiment conducted by digital agency, space150, was able to recreate the lyrical content and production style of Houston rapper Travis Scott using artificial intelligence with eerie accuracy, according to Adweek.

Ned Lambert, executive creative director at space150 explained to Adweek how the project began, “We were sort of fascinated with like, ‘What if we tried to make a song—like an actual good song—by using AI and basically creative directing AI?’” What emerged from this simple idea was “Jack Park Canny Dope Man” a single which comes very close to recreating Travis Scott’s sonic and lyrical sensibilities.

It was written by an A.I. which was fed Travis Scott lyrics for several weeks before it began spitting its own rhymes in a similar style to that of Scotts. The melodies and percussion were created using additional neural network programs similar to those that analyzed his lyrics.

However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t come with a few kinks. Lampert told Adweek, “The bot kept talking about food.” A characteristic that is still somewhat apparent in the final version of the single.

Be that as it may, the vast majority of lyrics from the aptly titled TravisBott are pretty nonsensical, to begin with. As annotated by Genius, the A.I. wrote lyrics such as, “I was the bitch on the plane (Straight up)” and, “I don’t really wanna fuck your party food” and finally “I can’t eat all on this money now.”

The voice rapping the absurd lyrics in the official single was not A.I. generated however it was actually provided by fellow Texan rapper So-So Topic. According to the rappers Twitter, he said, “…lil clarification: an AI bot “listened” to 60 Travis Scott songs, then reproduced a 10,000 line song in his style that was then narrowed down to a 5-min cut of illegible lyrics. I got to observe and it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever been a part of. I’m rapping the lyrics.”

Lampert explained to Adweek the company had chosen Travis Scott because, “he is just such a unique artist and he has a unique sound and everything sort of has an aesthetic to it, both audibly and visually.” Perhaps some of that initial wonder has withered since the creation of this single but one thing is clear to Lampert, “the tech is not ready to handle a creative project on its own without some heavy human supervision.”

Regardless of its shortcomings “Jack Park Canny Dope Man” is a technical marvel and opens a new world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

The single is available on most streaming platforms and an official music video featuring a glitchy deepfake version of Travis Scott is accessible on space150’s official Vimeo.

A short thesis on Joji’s newest single “Run”

Image result for joji run“Run” is the newest single from 88rising poster boy, Joji. It released following a ten day-period of teasers from the enigmatic singer/songwriter. Last Thursday morning a music video for the single was also released featuring a muted blue color palette and visuals seemingly taken from Joji’s previous videos.

The single on paper seems like it’s standard fare for Joji. Its lyrical content is very similar to that of his debut record BALLADS1. It’s tinged with the same melancholic tone and delivery however, its production is far more nuanced.

Its initial guitar riff interpolates elements from a Metallica song called “Nothing Else Matters” off of their fifth studio album commonly referred to as their “Black Album”. What is most interesting about this choice is its possible implication. The Black Album was one of Metallica’s most controversial as it signaled a shift in genre for the band. Many purists weren’t receptive to the change, however, critics lauded it as their best.

It would seem Joji is going through a similar change in style. Over time Joji has moved on from his early lo-fi hip-hop influence and bloomed into more of a pop artist. Some fans have expressed their distaste for the sudden shift in tone and often make fun of his dramatic transformation from his Filthy Frank persona into the singer he is today.

“Run” is all of those feelings incarnated into a single track. It expertly blends rock and pop elements and has the Osaka-born crooners best vocal performance since “Slow Dancing in the Dark.”

Whatever this single means for Joji, one thing is very clear; it’s just the beginning.

Why Jeffery Epstein will always be a conspiracy theory.

Image result for jeffrey epsteinJeffery Epstein was an American financier with ties to President Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton as well as a plethora of other powerful individuals. He is also a known and convicted sex offender. On Aug. 10th Epstein, while awaiting his trial for sex trafficking charges in a Manhattan jail, was found dead.

This was not his first brush with crime however, back in 2007 Epstein was indicted and later convicted of sexual assault of a minor as well as solicitation of a prostitute. However, unlike most other sex offenders in the state of Florida, where he lived at the time, Epstein was given special privileges. Instead of prison, Epstein was admitted to a private wing of the Palm Beach County stockade. If that didn’t make matters worse he rarely ever spent time in a cell and was actually allowed to work at his West Palm Beach office twelve hours a day.

By the end of it, Epstein only had to serve 13 months of an 18-month sentence before being let go on house arrest, thanks to a plea deal set by our ex-secretary of labor Alexander Acosta. Acosta claimed he had no clue of the liberal treatment Epstein was provided but records show that all federal prosecutes that were under his authority were very aware of the circumstances and demands.

What followed immediately after were a large slough of sexual assault charges levied at Epstein from his alleged previous victims. Eventually, he was arrested once again on sex trafficking charges and promptly held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. While under investigation a considerable amount of damaging evidence of sex trafficking. He was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex. He was also denied bail by US District Judge Richard M. Berman who posited that Epstein posed a serious danger to new victims due to his “uncontrollable” sexual fixation on young girls. He also feared  Epstein was a serious flight risk and might use it to flee prosecution.

Of course, Epstein never actually had the chance to be prosecuted, because he died in his cell at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center. It was alleged he had killed himself using nothing but a jail bedsheet. He was supposed to be checked up on regularly due to a previous attempt he made on his own life, however, the guards who were in charge had fallen asleep while making their rounds.

Jeffery Epstein will never face the trial.

This is a summary of what is currently accepted as the true story of what happened to Epstein. However, the details are shaky at best and come from a smorgasbord of sources all of which with varying levels of reputability. Of course, with there being conflicting accounts and misinformation rampant, the case of Epstein is a very difficult one. Among its many instances of foul play its given ways to one of the 2019’s hottest conspiracies. The question of whether Epstein did or did not kill himself is a point of contention for many. It’s implications even more so.

So let’s talk about conspiracy theories. Head on over to Merriam Webster and they will tell you a conspiracy theory is “a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.” This is the official definition we will be running with for the duration of this article.

The possibility of foul play or a “secret plot” surrounding the events of Epstein’s death arose not long after he was pronounced dead. The Post unveiled a story on Aug. 11 focusing on a former NYC jail inmate. In said story, the inmate said there was “no way” Epstein was able to kill himself while incarcerated. At the same time, another article this time on CNN reported that Epstein’s death would be looked into, as per the request of Attorney General William Barr.

This is essentially what lit the fuse on the whole debacle. Afterward, several new discoveries were made that all had to do with Epstein’s supposed suicide.  Medical examiners found evidence that many believed to be more consistent with strangulation rather than hanging. Regardless, medical examiners in New York City officially ruled his death as a suicide on Aug. 16. However, this answer is not sufficient for many and a private investigation is still ongoing.

So whats this investigation trying to prove? We are aware that they believe Epstein didn’t kill himself but what does that really mean? It would seem everyone has their own take on the matter. What makes this case so compelling is the number of connections Epstein made during his trudge through life. What business does a convicted sex trafficker have with President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew?

The short answer is, we will never know, but many have used this information to support their own unfounded conclusions. Some think he was killed to be silenced, others think he was forced to kill himself and so on and so forth. The running theory or joke, depending on who you are, is that Epstein didn’t kill himself.

So let’s analyze a few pieces of “damning” evidence people have used to “prove” Epstein didn’t kill himself.

For one, the official autopsy of Epstein reported a break in the hyoid bone. A U shaped bone positioned between the skull and postcranial skeleton. Some have used this to say that there is evidence of strangulation. However, CNN makes it clear that the bone can be broken in either case, whether it’s homicidal strangulation or suicide. The fact that it is more often broken in a homicide is neither here nor there, it’s a small detail irrelevant to the manner of death.

Many often cite the lack of camera footage as proof for there being foul play regarding the death of Epstein. Reuters actually reported two cameras positioned outside Epstiens cell mysteriously malfunctioned. However, tampering is actually a common occurrence in prisons and jails among inmates aside from this one instance. makes this very clear: “There exists a risk that inmates will attempt to tamper with a facility’s security equipment. While many prisons use tamper-resistant cameras to cope with this problem, there’s always a possibility that a camera will be damaged and lose its signal.”

Again there are pages of possible malfunctions and issues revolving around tampering listed in official documents about security cameras released by correctional facilities. Obviously, it’s a big enough issue in prisons and not uncommon for a camera to malfunction randomly due to tampering or some other form of manipulation whether Epstein was there or not.

Finally, let’s go over the most interesting piece of evidence: the security guards. Two security guards were meant to check up one Epstein every thirty minutes due to previous behaviors. However, both accidentally fell asleep while doing their rounds. During this time is when Epstein killed himself.

To debunk this allow me to take you back to seventh-grade science class. The scientific method is an empirical method of study meant to test a hypothesis. A hypothesis is based on observable phenomena and can be proven or disproven using rigorous testing. On the flip side, we have conspiracy theories that begin with a conclusion and scramble for any information to prove their idea, substantial or not. This is also a demonstration of a common cognitive bias found in people.

The confirmation bias states that people tend to listen more often to information that confirms the beliefs they already have. Through this bias, people tend to favor information that confirms their previously held beliefs. If you keep telling yourself Epstein didn’t kill himself, of course, you’re going to find information that “proves” he didn’t. This manner of thinking throws the scientific method completely out the window. Beginning with your conclusion may net you lots of evidence but you have no idea how to differentiate between that and conjecture.

I didn’t have to explain why those pieces of evidence were wrong because the whole thing was wrong from the beginning. To agree with this conspiracy, you would also have to agree with a plethora of other instances inconsistent with reality. I could have released this article back when this topic was still relevant because I purposely wanted to wait for the trend to die down. Now that it’s no longer funny to say “Epstein didn’t kill himself” I think we can all focus on the raw facts here.

So there you have it. While Epstein may be dead, the case has not been allowed to rest. With several of his alleged victims filing lawsuits toward his estate, it would seem old habits die hard.


I joined a start-up company!


I’ve kept this quiet for some time now, but now I think its time I talk about something new in my life. I was recently accepted to work at an amazing start-up company based in California. The Company is called Scriberr.

Scriberr is a news media site focused on delivering free speech media that represents all views accurately even if it disagrees with them. The people here have been especially kind to my writing process and schedule so from now on I am going to be writing for them.

What does this mean for this website? Well sadly my work on here is going to be slowed, yet again. However, that doesn’t mean I’m through with this place. There are ideas I have for articles that may work here but won’t work on Scriberr. That is essentially what this website is going to be used for from now on.

Things like my lists, music opinions and personal stories about artists will likely be kept here as well as a few Op-eds.

I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me and supporting my thoughts and opinions. This website has served its purpose for now but I am happy to keep it going as its own little publication.

As an incentive, there is a brand new article up featuring an interview with an artist I’ve been a fan of for some time now! Go check it out on Scriberr.

Understanding the artist behind streetwear’s most creative pieces.


My top 50 albums of the year

BeFunky-collage.jpgI listened to a lot of music this year. Over 2500 hours to be precise. In case you’re wondering that’s over 150,000 minutes of music in just one year. That’s not bragging, by the way, I just wanted to really sell the fact that I listened to a lot of music this year.

Anywho, because of this, I’m not doing a top ten this year. No, I am doing a top 50 instead! Keep in mind these are only the albums I found worth talking about. I listened to way more than just this, but these were the best that came out this year. In my opinion, of course. The descriptions will begin as vague and short but as the list narrows trust me they get a lot more long-winded.

Now, with no honorable mentions needed, let’s get into the list.

50. Arizona Baby – Kevin Abstract (Hip-Hop/Pop/Alt R&B)

Image result for arizona babyBumpy at times but incredibly bold for Abstract to be so vulnerable.

49. The Fall of Hobo Johnson – Hobo Johnson (Spoken Word/Hip-Hop)

Image result for the fall of hobo johnsonHobo Johnson repackages the sound he’s worked to pioneer and it sounds pretty good.

48. Sonic Citadel – Lightning Bolt (Noise Rock)

Image result for sonic citadel lightning boltChaotic, high-octane, and every other adjective that can possibly mean neurotic.

47. Brandon Banks – Maxo Kream (Hip-Hop/Trap)

Image result for brandon banks album coverA little forgettable but nothing short of unique.

46. Heaven Surrounds You – Surf Curse (Indie Rock)

Image result for heaven surrounds you album coverSurf Curse has progressively gotten more introspective and this record really shows that.


Image result for jackboys cover artA fun tape further exacerbating the chaotic Cactus Jack persona.

44. 1000 gecs – 100 gecs (Pop/Nightcore/Experimental)

Image result for 1000 gecsStrangely genius, taking every pop convention, turning it on its head and then smashing it with a hammer.

43. A Quiet Farewell, 2016-2018 – Slauson Malone (Experimental Hip-Hop)

Image result for a quiet farewellUnsympathetic and a little too obsessed with itself to be considered greater. No matter what it’s still a fine record and deserves a close inspection.

42. Life After – Palace (Indie Rock)

Image result for life after palaceAn absolutly beautiful record with lush production and vocals. Can never go wrong with Palace.

41. Flamagara – Flying Lotus (Hip-Hop)

Image result for flamagraThis has David Lynch in it. Need I say more? Flying Lotus is a genius producer.

40. Guns – Quelle Chris (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for guns quelle chrisAn incredibly blunt message about the use of guns in America disguised as a commercial rap album.

39. The Decalogue – Sufjan Stevens & Timo Andres (Piano)

Image result for the decalogue sufjan stevensThis record which consists of only piano music and no vocals said more than most other records did this year.

38. Ginger – BROCKHAMPTON (Pop/Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for ginger brockhamptonBROCKHAMPTON finally came out with a good record after the failure of iridescence. Thanks guys!

37. Deceiver – DIIV (Shoegaze)

Image result for diiv deceiver album coverThis album is deceivingly great. I’m so sorry. Just go listen do it.

36. Hi, This is Flume – Flume (Electronic/Wonky)

Image result for hi this is flume album coverFlume proves once again he’s one of the most creative producers living.

35. HAN – Berhana (R&B)

Image result for han berhanaA flight through the creative mind of Berhana. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and I applaud that.

34. The Lost Boy – YBN Cordae (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for the lost boy album coverAmazingly strong debut record. I cannot wait for what’s next. YBN Cordae is the lyrical rap revivalist we needed.

33. ZUU – Denzel Curry (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for zuu album coverZUU felt like an album of strange b-sides and it was still amazing. Denzel Curry never ceases to impress.

32. Cuz I Love You – Lizzo (Pop Soul)

Image result for lizzo cuz i love you album coverSome of the strongest vocal performances came from Lizzo this year. While I do find this record a little preachy at times I think it fits well.

31. Shea Butter Baby – Ari Lennox (R&B)

Image result for ari lennox shea butter baby album coverAri Lennox blends a delicate story of womanhood with her smooth vocals and charismatic instrumentals. Easily one of the smoothest records of 2019.

30. MIRRORLAND – Earthgang (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for earthgang mirrorland album coverEarthgang is one of the best Hip-Hop duos in the industry right now. The record never loses its charm and sticks to what the gang knows best.

29. IGOR – Tyler, the Creator (Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul)

Image result for igor tyler the creator album coverTyler’s newest effort didn’t resonate with me as much as it did with the masses but I still think its a very well made record with some standout tracks to boot.

28. Three Originals – Tobe Nwigwe (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for tobe nwigwe three originalsSkip the 40-minute podcast at the end and you’ve got the quintessential rap record.

27. The Sailor – Rich Brian (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for the sailor rich brianOne of the best showcases of personal growth ever put to music. Incredibly mature (except when it’s not).

26. May The Lord Watch – Little Brother (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for may the lord watchThe Hip-Hop duo return after a long hiatus to drop a record that reminds everyone of Hip-Hop’s more chill side. Some of the interludes are a bit heavy-handed but it’s a fine record.

25. Jesus is Born – Sunday Service Choir (Gospel)

Image result for jesus is born sunday service albumExceptionally raw and unrelenting in its message. This record truly surprised me with how far it really went to make its point.

24. Anger Management – Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for anger management ricoRico Nasty likes to scream. Screaming is coincidentally one the things she does best! Without a doubt one of the best female rappers in the game right now.

23. It’s a Whimsical Afterlife – Avenade (Experimental/Noise Rock)

This record is experimental, hard-hitting, and absolutely chaotic. It’s an indescribable ride of guitar hits and percussion slaps all couped into one cohesive collection of songs that all bleed into each other.

22. Breathe In/Out – Lysistrata (Punk/Rock/Alternative)

Image result for breathe in breathe out lysistrataLysistrata brings out the best from the early 2000’s punk rock that saturated the music market at the time. It’s an absolute delight to hear it perfected down to what feels like science to them.

21. Netflix and Deal – 03 Greedo & Kenny Beats (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for netflix and dealFrom beyond prison bars, 03 Greedo released a mixtape inspired by films he watched while dealing drugs. I think Kenny’s production is what sold this record for me. Some of the more concise work between two collaborators this year.

20. We Are Not Your Kind – Slipknot (Metal)

Image result for slipknot we are not your kind album coverTo be honest, this was Slipknot but tamer. However, that’s not a bad thing. I think WAYNK has a lot going for it and I’d be heart-pressed not to put it here. Corey Taylor as always steals the show with his colorful vocals.

19. Duster – Duster (Alternative/Indie)

Image result for duster duster album coverEverything Duster releases puts me to sleep, but like, in a good way. Their self-titled record can move from soundscape to soundscape with ease. If this wasn’t going to be on my list their compilation album would have.

18. uknowhatimsayin¿ – Danny Brown (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for danny brown uknowhatimsayin album coverIt’s genuinely difficult to describe the appeal of Danny Brown without using words that all mean crazy. His new record is polarizing and honestly kind of beautiful. As per most Danny Brown projects, it’s not for the faint of heart.

17. CASE STUDY 01 – Daniel Caesar (R&B/Soul)

Image result for daniel caesar case study 01 album coverFor some time Daniel Caesar was an artist who only impressed me on singles. However, his surprise album made me think differently. CASE STUDY 01 is a deep look into his own character and brings new meaning to introspection.

16. Fine Line – Harry Styles (Pop/Rock)

Related imageHarry Styles reminds me on this record of why I fell in love with his first studio release. The former One Direction frontman is one part heartthrob and all parts talented. Boys, don’t let toxic masculinity keep you from listening to this one. Okay?

15. All My Heroes Are Cornballs – JPEGMafia (Experimental Hip-Hop)

Image result for jpegmafia all my heroes are cornballs album coverAMHAC is JPEGMafia stepping way out of his comfort zone. Whereas Veteran was his breakout hit, his newest effort is a victory lap taking the scenic route. It’s more innovative and character-driven. No holds barred.

14. Bandanna – Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for bandana freddie gibbsMadlib collaborates with another rapper and makes a groundbreaking album again! Freddie Gibbs is one of the most talented rappers in the game right now and this album is indisputable proof of that. It’s focused but free-form. Unique but homely.

13. Un – Scott James (Alternative)

spliff.jpgScott James quietly released one of the most beautiful records of 2019 this year. The record feels like a brief walk through an empty meadow of flowers. It can be a little harsh at times but the whole experience is pretty.

12. Circuits – Chris Potter (Jazz)

Image result for circuits chris potterChris Potter is a master of Jazz. Everything on this record feels so deliberate and alive. Circuits feel so technical and rhythmic its the epitome of a modern-day jazz record. A must listen for anyone looking to get into jazz.

11. Chon – Chon (Math Rock)

Image result for chon chon album“Wow” was the first word I uttered when listening to Chon’s self-titled effort. I don’t understand how humans were able to play like this. It’s genuinely beyond me. 1000 percent effort was exerted onto this record and the music speaks for itself. Math Rock will never die so long as Chon continues to play.

10. Nothing Happens – Wallows (Indie Rock/Alternative)

Image result for nothing happensWallows are what every indie band should try to sound like. They have a sound that is simultaneously the true essence of the indie rock genre itself and yet wholly original. Do not even think about sleeping on this record. Something definitely happens here.

9. Everyday Life – Coldplay (Pop/Alternative)

Image result for everyday life coldplayColdplay has been in the business for some time now with a plethora of hits under their star-studded belt. Yet with every record, they only seem to push the envelope further. They’re relevant, topical and somehow capture the quintessence of pop itself.

8. i,i – Bon Iver (Experimental/Pop)

Image result for i i bon iverI don’t know how Bon Iver makes music often time’s it feels like they were just handed the perfect blend of experimental art-pop and like everything else. This record is impossibly made. It’s not only a record but a marvel of sound itself. By all accounts, we shouldn’t have been able to make this, and yet they found a way.

7. K-12 – Melanie Martinez (Pop)

Image result for k-12 album coverThe follow-up to her previous record Crybaby could not have been more well crafted. It’s the perfect continuation while remaining its own record. There are a lot of fun moments on this album that makes the listener go through a wave of different emotions. Another great pop record to add to the hefty list.

6. ANIMA – Thom Yorke (Soundtrack)

Image result for anima thom yorke album coverThom Yorke has rarely disappointed me. It seems like every piece of work he’s done for a film is bound to be blessed by God himself. It’s in the same style of something from a Radiohead record but with Yorke’s very personal touch and sensibilities. Experiencing the record is like watching a film in itself.

5. Blood – Kelsey Lu (Pop/R&B/Soul)

Related imageKelsey Lu innovates the pop genre at large by infusing so many different ideas and motifs into her debut record. We had a lot of good pop albums released this year and this one is no exception. It’s everything you want and much much more. This record is absolutely worth your time. I am very excited to hear what the cellist has next up her sleeve.

4. Is He Real? – IDK (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for is he real?Is He Real? is another album that grapples with the existence of God and the banality of the human experience. However this time it’s set to some of the most hard-hitting beats I’ve heard this year and narrated by IDK. It is blunt, introspective, and most of all original. There are some hot takes and truly deep moments on the record. It doesn’t always take one side over the other but it also isn’t necessarily neutral either. It’s complicated much like the concept of God itself. Fitting, to say the least.

3. Revenge of the Dreamers III – Dreamville (Hip-Hop/Rap)

Image result for revenge of the dreamers 3 album coverI’ve always wondered what an album of only bangers would sound like. Many others have tried and failed to accomplish that difficult task. However, this year my wish was granted. Somehow J. Cole was able to grant over 50 artists with a grammy nomination this year thanks to the release of this monster of a record. Every song feels like an explosion in your face, even the slow ones! I genuinely don’t understand how this record was made in only ten days. It is truly a modern-day miracle and a bonafide work of art.

2. Suga – Kyle Dion (R&B/Funk)

Image result for kyle dion sugaKyle Dion’s debut record blew me away this year with its soulful melodies and retro-inspired sonic elements. Listening to it for the first time felt a lot like when I listened to Prince for the first time as a young boy. It takes you back to a simpler time where music was much simpler. Suga is Kyle Dion’s alter ego of sorts and takes the helm of the record. Much like the final album on the list, the production of the record is complimented well by the lush vocals from the crooner. There isn’t much else to say. I love this record and you should definitely give it a listen.

1. When I Get Home – Solange (Neo-Soul/R&B)

Image result for when i get home album coverI feel like I wrote a pretty comprehensive thesis on this record back in February but for the sake of this list, I am going to reiterate. Nothing this year has blown me away quite as much as this masterpiece. Even the interludes on this record are interesting and worth listening to. You know interludes? Those things where their only purpose is to break up the album and make the tracklist seem more deliberate? Everything about this record screams Houston. I’ve already written an article about this record way back in February but it seems like with every listen I just find something new. Solange without a doubt has one of the most unique and inspired musical styles of our generation. When I Get Home is a true testament to that fact and an album I believe everyone deserves to hear. If not for the wonderful performance by Knowles herself or the incredible production hear it because it’s a piece of history that is likely to never be forgotten.

Thank you all for following me through another year of this website. See you all in the next decade!


Duncan Hunter responds to my scathing letter.

Image result for duncan hunterThis article is going to a tad personal so please bear with me.

When I was in Highschool taking my useless AP Government class one of our projects required getting involved in politics itself. Our class had a lot of leeway on what we could do and one of the more easy options was emailing a letter to your congressman.

I live in California and our U.S. Representative for the 50th congressional district is none other than Duncan Hunter. I probably don’t have to do much to explain why that name should send a cold chill down your spine but in case, here’s a little refresher.

Last year Duncan Hunter and his wife were indicted on twelve criminal charges including wire fraud and campaign finance crimes. The prosecutors allege that they used over 250,000 dollars to fund their family activities like personal trips to Italy, buying school lunches and, my personal favorite, fly a relative’s pet rabbit to Washington.

So I sent an email to Duncan Hunter and absolutely tore him to pieces. I don’t have the original letter anymore and neglected to make a copy, so sadly I can’t show you everything I said. However, I vividly remember the main idea of it. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the letter.

  1. I listed every crime he committed and then blatantly called him a criminal
  2. I said, “I worry for our great state.”
  3. I sad I had no faith in him as a representative
  4. I asked what he planned to do as our representative.
  5. I commented on how it was possible he’d be sent to prison while in office.

I sent the letter back in December 2018 and just last week I finally got my response from good old Duncan Hunter. I was surprised, to say the least.

Dear Fabian:

Thanks for contacting me regarding your views. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Like many in California’s 50th District, I believe it is crucial to maintain a strong military, rebuild America’s manufacturing base and create economic opportunity for all Americans.  It is important to remember the original intent of our founders to build a nation of liberty, common defense, and domestic tranquility.  In order to maintain that vision, we need to adhere to principles that do not trample on the rights of states and, most importantly, the rights of individuals.

Please be assured that I will continue to fight for these principles with your specific thoughts firmly in mind.  In the meantime, if I can be of any future assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Part of me wished for a more unprofessional response from Hunter but I was well aware that it was unlikely. To be honest, I didn’t even expect a response at all. I’m just glad he had to sift through my inflammatory message. If there’s anything I can take away from this, I’m glad no matter how small my voice is, I can still be heard.

Guess I can scratch this one off the bucket list.


Year in Hip-Hop retrospective

Image result for kanye west 2019

2019 has been anything but an underwhelming year. We saw hundreds of genre-defining projects released this year and it only implies a greater turnaround in the next decade. With so many different projects and artists to follow I thought it would be apt to sort through some of the most important things that occurred this year. Specifically within the rap industry. I’m going to do my best in keeping this in chronological order. However, I may jump around a bit.

21 Savage arrested by ICE

Image result for 21 savage iceThe year began with a very strange turn of events. On Feb 4th,  thought-to-be Atlanta-based rapper; 21 Savage was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency revealed, against his fan’s preconceptions, that he was, in fact, a U.K. born resident in America on an expired Visa. This lead to a plethora of individuals asking themselves the same question, “21 Savage is European?”

According to his lawyer, he spent a week in detention after his arrest. However, many feared the possibility of deportation for the 27-year-old rapper. This raised a much-needed conversation about deportation under the Trump administration and gained the attention of many influential figures in the industry. Its ramifications are still relatively unknown.

Nipsey Hustle dies at 33

Image result for death of nipsey hussleMarch brought with it the death of a very important figure in Hip-hop: Nipsey Hustle. He was reportedly shot in front of his own store, Marathon Clothing, in LA. He was one of three victims in the shooting. He was a Grammy nominee and a very prominent figure in LA.  A memorial service was held at the Staples Center on April 11th free of charge.

DJ Khaled temper tantrum

Image result for dj khaled and tylerRelated imageDuring the Summer DJ Khaled expressed his distaste for Tyler, the Creators album IGOR beating his own record: Father of Asahd on the billboard top 100. He threw a “temper tantrum” at his label and further criticized Billboard’s methods for calculating album sales. This apparent tantrum was so loud Tyler, the creator, in a rare moment of transparency, actually addressed Khaled’s grievances.

In an interview with Zane Howe, Tyler said: “No disrespect to Khaled or anyone… I’m on album five and six. And it’s work. It’s effort. It’s work. This is fucking whether n***as like it or not, bro, it’s so much work and detail put into this shit like—I’m so proud of myself.” Many considered this rap beef but it would seem neither party wanted any sort of trouble from this ordeal.

A$AP Rocky held in Swedish prison

Related imageA$AP Rocky was arrested on assault charges and held in Swedish prison for a month and later released only having to pay damages. This was one of the most unorthodox international cases the world has ever seen with interventions from big names like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and President Donald Trump.

While US intervention reportedly had no bearing on A$AP Rocky’s release it was still a monumental case. He later returned to Sweden three months later despite his previous statements claiming he wouldn’t.

6ix9ine snitches

Image result for 69 snitchingGoing back to February, Rapper 6ix9ine was made the butt of many jokes for “snitching” on many public figures including TREYWAY, Cardi B, and Jim Jones for being apart of the Nine Trey and Bloods gangs. I’m only including this here due to the fact main videos on the matter publically surfaced around September. Also, the memes surrounding it were pretty hilarious in my opinion.

Ye is born again

Image result for kanye west 2019Since early 2019 Kanye West had been publically holding “Sunday Services” for local residents in various areas in America. Following this was incredibly interesting behavior from Ye and the announcement of his newest studio effort Jesus is King.

West had effectively been “born again” and was now professing his allegiance to Christ. Many off-the-cuff statements were made. He said none of his music going forward would include any cuss-words and how rap was “the devil’s music.” Studio rules for his upcoming album also included West urging his collaborators not to have premarital sex while working on the record.

Jesus is King released at the end of October.

Nicki Minaj announces her retirement from music

Image result for nicki minaj quitting musicIn September Nicki Minaj in a surprise tweet revealed her intentions to quit music to start a family. The tweet read, “I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me” Many were unaware of what do do with this information and quickly disregarded the tweet as a joke due to the fact knowledge of a fifth studio album by Minaj was confirmed.

The tweet was later taken down and clarified. She apologized for its abrupt nature. The jury is still out on what her intentions are.

Frank Ocean releases two new singles

Image result for frank ocean prepIn early November Frank Ocean previewed many songs and released two new singles for what many believe to be an upcoming project. “DHL” and “In My Room” were given official vinyl releases along with limited-edition merch. In an interesting side note, a tweet by user MONTE VERCETTI revealed an overpriced listing on Grailed for an iPhone with Frank Oceans singles on it following its temporary removal from Apple Music.

Drake booed at Camp Flog Gnaw festival

Image result for drake booed off stageTyler, the Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival was met with some controversy in mid-November due to its mystery guest not being who fans had initially thought. The mystery guest had been teased since its initial promotional line-up was revealed and many fans speculated it was indeed Frank Ocean who would be making a special appearance.

However, the narrative fans had created in their minds could not have been farther from the truth. What fans got instead were sets from A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert, and Drake. Fans were displeased at Drakes’s surprise appearance and made their disapproval quite evident. After performing a few songs and telling the crowd “I got just one more song” each time after Drake was finally booed off the stage effectively ending the festival early.

Drake took it in stride and later made fun of the ordeal on his Instagram. In said post, Drake made the mistake of claiming Tyler, the Creator fans were all twenty, which we all know could not be farther from the truth.

XXXTentacion’s final release

Image result for xxxtentacionAt the end of November, late rapper XXXTentacion released what is now his final post-humorous project: Bad Vibes Forever. His death in 2018 sent a shockwave through the Hip-Hop community and it would seem like his influence if far from over. The subject of releases from late artists has been a hotly debated topic for some time now with X spearheading most arguments. It hasn’t received the most favorable reviews as of late so perhaps this may work against future releases.

03 Greedo releases a new mixtape from prison

Image result for netflix and dealA documentary on 03 Greedo and Kenny Beats’ most recent mixtape Netflix and Deal, was released in November detailing the process behind the album and its hectic production. Back in May 2018, 03 Greedo was sentenced to twenty years in prison on drug and gun possession charges. During this time, Greedo and Kenny were working nonstop to try and release the project before he would be sent to prison and it would seem all that hard work paid off.

Netflix and Deal is one of the more high-profile releases of this year and that’s likely due to the subject matter behind it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a star-studded list of features.

Goldlink’s strange tribute post to Mac Miller

Image result for goldlinkRapper Goldlink released a poor-taste Instagram post in supposed tribute to the late Mac Miller in late November. Many Mac Miller fans were displeased with his message, due to the fact that he seemed to diss Miller more than pay homage. Among these people was fellow collaborator Anderson .Paak who made a since-deleted response firing back at Goldlink.

In said response, Paak said, “Mac brought your a** on tour and opened up his fan base to you when you had nothing and this the type of appreciation you give.” Not long after Goldlink added to his sentiments stating that Miller was his “best friend.”

Juice WRLD dies at 21

Image result for juice worldEnding the year off on a sour note was the unfortunate passing of Juice WRLD. He suffered from a seizure after landing at Chicago’s Midway airport and later died at the hospital he was taken to. He was only 21.

Many fans found his death tragically ironic as he had previously rapped about dying at 21 on one of his singles about another late rapper XXXTentacion. Many fans posted tribute photos online and shared their condolences.

It’s been a very interesting year with many different twists and turns. While we are ending 2019 on a very sad note we are simultaneously left with a plethora of standout records that came out this year. My next article will be my top albums of the year, stay tuned!

Updating my top ten list from 2018

I’m a firm believer in the idea that opinions can change. For better or for worse. This year the list of my top albums is going to be well over 10. This wild leap from last year is mainly due to the fact my love of music has deepened immensely since then. I’ve made it a point to listen to more albums than singles and it’s really paid off. Last year my list was lackluster and made no sense in some cases. I’ve also listened to more from that year and my opinions have changed deeply. So I’m updating it and also adding a few extra. Hope you enjoy. My 2019 list will be out next month!

Image result for car seat headrest twin fantasy album cover
16. Twin Fantasy – Car Seat Headrest (remaster)

Yes, I’m aware this album already came out but I genuinely feel the remaster is the ideal way to experience this album. It takes what was already great about the original and makes it that much better.

15. Suspiria – Thom Yorke

Not much else to say, I still love this soundtrack.

14. ye – Kanye West

I hate being a Kanye fan. It’s awesome.

13. Ballads 1 – Joji

This album aged really badly for me. Still, a really good first half but some tracks don’t hit as well as others.

Image result for busdriver electricity is on our side
12. Electricity is on Our Side – Busdriver

A genuinely electrifying experience. Absolutely captivating production and an insane rapping performance from Busdriver.

Image result for yves tumor safe in the hands of love cover
11. Safe in the Hands of Love – Yves Tumor

It’s hard to describe the intricacies of this album without sounding like I’m relaying a vivid fever dream. To be honest, I think that’s what I love about it. Some tracks flow cohesively and others don’t. It’s a gamble but one I’m glad I took.

Image result for die lit
10. Die Lit – Playboi Carti

This is such a rapid departure from his previous efforts, I am so pleased with his growth. This is one of the few XXL 2017 freshmen that truly rose to their potential afterward. I cannot wait to see what he has in store after.

Image result for daytona pusha t
9. Daytona – Pusha T

What happens when you cross a cocaine-addicted rapper, Kanye West, and an $85,000 dollar album cover? The answer is simple. A disturbingly good album. Yeah, that’s the only bit I had for this one.

8. Tha Carter V – Lil Wayne

I hold much of the same reservations about this album that I did last year. Some tracks are a bit spotty but I believe the charm is still there.


I needed a few more listens to really appreciate this one.

Image result for silkmoney i hate my life
6. I hate my life and I really wish people would stop telling me not to – $ilkMoney

I don’t know why Tyler, The Creator is on this record so heavily but I am not complaining. $ilkMoney has a voice unmatched by most in the industry today. His songs are very reminiscent of the 90’s gangster rap scene while maintaining a heavy grip on the contemporary industry. My only gripe is that the record is too short. Other than that, call it a classic.

Image result for taboo denzel curry
5. TA1300 – Denzel Curry

Introspective, dark, and unbelievably well-produced are the only words I can use to describe Denzel Curry’s magnum opus. Really upset I didn’t give this one a chance sooner.

Image result for veteran jpegmafia
4. Veteran – JPEGMafia

JPEGMafias politically charged, incredibly solid album really resonated with me since my first listen in early 2019. It’s an abrasive take on Hip-hop reminiscent of a lot of the early work of Death Grips. However, it manages to stand out and bloom into a piece of art all its own. Each track has it’s own lucid experience to offer.

3. Year of the Snitch – Death Grips

Yep still great.

Image result for daughters you won't get what you want
2. You Won’t Get What You Want – Daughters

I don’t know what to say about this record Fantano hasn’t already. I could give this record an oral lavishing for hours and it wouldn’t even capture a modicum of what it truly has to offer. Easily one of the most standout albums of this decade. So much passion and thought has been bled into this record it practically emanates raw talent. Don’t even think about sleeping on this. You will be missing out on a truly enthralling experience.

1. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – Arctic Monkeys

After all these years this record is STILL the king.

In defense of Jesus is King

Image result for jesus is king

There is not much one can say about Kanye West that has not already been said. Either way, I will try my very best. Kanye West is a man of extremes. There’s no other artist that has demonstrated the stopping power, relevancy, and unprecedented talent that he has. Consistently he has set the bar, raised it, lowered it, and bent it to his will. The industry winces when a powerhouse like him comes around because the rules they set in place don’t seem to apply to them.

I wouldn’t say I’m one of those people who believe Kanye West is some sort of “musical God” no matter what some burning critics would have you believe. However, going forward without properly acknowledging his legacy would be a horrible misstep on my part. People like Virgil Abloh, Drake, and thousands of other young artists have all taken inspiration from West and prospered from it. It is nearly impossible to find a contemporary artist who isn’t influenced by Ye in some fashion.

So let’s talk about what West is doing in present times. The year is 2019 and he’s been pulling his classic trick of delaying and canceling albums for some time now. Yandhi is dead, but Jesus is King lives. A tweet was finally delivered on Oct. 20 which announced that it would release on Oct. 25. On Oct. 22 the album was made available for preorder further confirming the upcoming release. To incentivize its purchase the promise of tickets to an exclusive Kanye event that very same week was made to the fans who supported its release. No phones were allowed at the event, very little planning was involved, and its exclusivity was stern.

I was one of the lucky people who got to attend this event. It was rather strange taking a short notice trip up to LA to hear an album I wasn’t completely certain actually existed, but the whole endeavor was exciting nonetheless.

When I arrived at the Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles everything felt bigger than it actually was. The words “Jesus is King” illuminated the pillars holding the arena up. Behind it, the gigantic new Rams stadium was slowly being pieced together. It should have made The Forum look smaller, but it didn’t. When we finally set foot inside my focus began to tighten. All I wanted to do was hear the album.

The event started over an hour late. The rest I can’t really describe for you. I felt a lot of confusion, morbid curiosity, and I was probably anxious too. It was well worth the drive and the wait. However, its presentation failed to hit the mark for most people. For what it is, I enjoyed it. That was my experience just watching the film. After it ended Ye emerged from the foliage and the album began playing. I honestly couldn’t believe it was real. It’s not worth depicting every moment during that performance. I think everything that happened that night was meant to stay there. The album was performed in its most primal state. After the night was over and one final delay later, the album was released. Like a prisoner finally being exonerated.

Jesus is King was met with mixed reception from critics and fans alike. I was happy with the end product but it was certainly one of those cases where the hype built around it was simply too great for what it was. West has a habit of doing this, the same thing happened to The Life of Pablo. However, this album feels different than the others. I noticed while researching and talking to a few of my friends that some criticisms were more valid than others.

So that’s my personal experience with the album. Now that you understand my stance on it, for the remainder of this article, I’m going to pull a few choice critiques out of a couple high-profile reviews and attempt to refute them. I’m not trying to be overly sympathetic when I admit that in recent history the world has not always been fair to Kanye West. This record is one of those times where people are turning a blind eye simply because they weren’t completely enthralled with the album. So here I am eight-hundred words into an article that has the capability to destroy whatever credibility I may or may not built over the time I’ve written here. All in the defense of a piece of art I genuinely found enjoyable.

The final paragraph of NPR’s review of Jesus is King discusses the insincerity of the record. NPR writer, Oliver Wang, says: “On one of the most traditional gospel songs on the album, “God Is,” he sings alongside the Sunday Service choir, his voice wavering and warbling. It’s an imperfect performance, but it feels like this is West trying to bare himself, to put aside ego and perfectionism in the face of something greater. For a moment, you can almost believe him.”

It’s a backhanded compliment if I’ve ever seen one but it’s also the most common criticism that has appeared. Sincerity is inherently subjective. Anyone can read Kanye’s tone however they wish to. What Wang ignores is the bigger picture. West has gone to great lengths to change up his act.  Take out the press, take out the hype, and look at what he’s saying. There’s no cussing, no provocative lyrics, no premarital sex, it’s as sacred as Sunday school. At this point in his career, there’s no way he could be doing this as an act even for publicity’s sake. Assuming this new persona is a product of his bipolar disorder isn’t a solid argument either. He’s stuck with this new character for quite some time, reportedly since April of this year and people with bipolar disorder usually don’t have episodes that last this long. Going as far as College Dropout which had a single literally titled “Jesus Walks” it’s clear West has always had at least one of his hands on the Bible. At the very least, it’s clear West believes what he’s saying even if all of still weighs down on his massive ego.

Moving onto Slate’s review, writer Carl Wilson touches on the lack of focused production on the record. Wilson says, “His main error, I think, is in not relying even more extensively on the choir and developing Jesus Is King into more of a complete gospel album, at the expense of being quite as much of a true Kanye record.”

The sonic aspects of Jesus is King has been highly contested among fans. Is this really a Gospel album? Why didn’t Kanye do X or Y?  Let’s be frank, Gospel is a highly malleable genre. A simple look at Gospels Wikipedia page explains Gospel music is vocally focused, with Christian lyrics, utilizes choirs and instruments ranging from simple drums to electric guitars. Just because Jesus is King does not confirm your preconceived notions about what Gospel is or should be doesn’t mean it isn’t. Limiting Kanye as an artist into the confines of a single sound isn’t fair in the slightest. West maintaining his production style isn’t a stylistic choice either. It sounds like a “Kanye record” still because it is one. This is his interpretation of the Gospel and should be taken as such.

By far the worst criticism I’ve heard levied at this record is one of pure ignorance. Time and time again I’ll hear the phrase “I’m not really religious, so this album isn’t really my thing” or “I don’t really agree with what Kanye says on this album.” It’s not so much that the statement itself is ignorant. Anyone can believe what they want to believe in. However, not being able to enjoy something simply because they don’t share the same beliefs as you is the definition of hubris. Hundreds of other rappers talk about God in their music and feature religious themes prominently. Perhaps not at the same level as Kanye, but many of them aren’t making any attempt to hide it. Kendrick Lamar, for instance, has dedicated much of his discography to glorifying God. In an interview with The New York Times, he even stated that he believes for many of his fans he is “the closest thing to a preacher that they have.”

So what’s the point of singling out West in this case? In any circumstance, an argument from ignorance is completely unacceptable and invalid. I implore everyone to listen to all music with an open mind. Whether you agree or not shouldn’t be the crux of your opinion, even for a Gospel album.

Now please don’t let my previous statements make you think I’m blinded from the fact that Jesus is King is far from perfect. That is not what I am trying to say here at all. The sad truth we all must face is that it isn’t. Much like most pieces of art, it’s flawed. West, like in most of his previous works, delivers some very interesting hot takes on his tracks. In Anthony Fantano’s review of the release, he justifiably criticizes West’s loose statements. He notes that West seems to use his faith to “indulge his persecution complex.” The parallels he draws to himself and Jesus Christ on “Selah” are not only completely tone-deaf but contradict the fact he also calls himself a “wretch” on the same track. These are just some of the flaws I’ve found while listening to Jesus is King a few times over. Nonetheless, I believe it’s still possible to appreciate this unusual little release.

It’s okay to recognize the issues of a piece of art while also enjoying it. While Jesus is King is far from a perfect record, that doesn’t make it a horrible one. Kanye West is always attempting to innovate in the music industry. In order to do that one also needs to fail. Perhaps this record is a failure, but its a positive one at that. I’m confident he will take this as a learning experience and continue to progress his sound. For now, we see through a glass darkly.

Interviewing someone with your dream job

Courtesy of Complex

Very few people ever get the opportunity to speak with someone who has their dream job, recently I had the privilege of becoming one of those people. For some time now, I’ve been dead set on becoming a journalist. This website is my primary effort. In the past year and a half I’ve written over 50 unique articles, but it’s not like I have any professional experience in the field.

Enter, Brendan Dunne. Dunne, 30, is a writer currently employed at Complex; a media outlet primarily focused on covering youth culture. His main responsibility involves running Complex’s Snapchat discover platform, and managing a lot of behind the scenes aspects of Sole Collector shows Full Size Run and Price the Hype. He is also featured prominently on both series as a mainstay co-host. Before this, Dunne studied linguistics at the University of Oregon and worked for Sneakernews on the side before being brought on fulltime in 2012. He found himself at Complex after Sole Collector editor in chief Gerald Flores brought him onto the team in 2014.

I don’t work on Sole Collector explicitly anymore but (I’m) still involved with a lot of projects, Full Size Run chief among them.

That’s a quote from Dunne himself. On Wednesday, Sept. 18 I had the privilege of speaking to Dunne personally over the phone amidst his busy work schedule and the ambient bustling noises of New York City. Dunne was the prime subject to interview about my dream job. He’s an experienced journalist and editor with a big hand in a media outlet I consume regularly and yes, he loves talking about sneakers the same as I do. Getting his contact information was not the simplest task but after a few days and sheer luck I got his personal email and we started talking almost immediately. Within a few days, we had a phone call scheduled.

When the day finally came I was nervous. How do you talk to someone you look up to? Someone who, in more ways than one, is your superior.  I was pretty shaky to start off but, Dunne’s congenial attitude and casual yet articulate manner of speaking put me at ease. The interview only lasted 15 minutes but what it lacked in runtime it made up for in substance.

I’m going to leave a transcript below of the last few questions of the interview. What follows is some of the best career advice I’ve ever received, from a gentleman who is well beyond his years in terms of heart.

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to be critical about sneakers because I feel like the scene as a whole is lacking that so I like having that opportunity to voice my opinion on those things and also I like the opportunity to talk to industry people or famous people who have sneaker histories that aren’t necessarily out there and kinda bring those stories out… I think there’s a lot of things, about like the Off-White stuff, for instance, that is valuable and that is good design but it’s so obvious. Those shoes I see every day so I’d rather just try and do something a little different or show people that I appreciate something a little different. 

What’s one misconception you think people have about your profession?

I think a lot of people think that when you’re in the sneaker world professionally whether you’re writing, blogging, making videos is that people are just going to send you free things… I guess the idea that it’s easy to just get whatever you want from these brands you know? People have to work really hard to make these connections and make these relationships or convince people in various positions of power across the industry that they are someone worth listening to or someone worth talking to, you know what I mean? It took a long time for us to be able to do something as bold as to make a show where we present the idea that our opinions matter. I had to do this for a long time before I could be that bold or before Welty could get on camera and have people trust his opinion. People don’t necessarily realize that it takes a lot of work to get to that point a lot of writing, he worked in retail for years, I wrote thousands of blog posts on this stuff. It wasn’t a short road.

If you were me right now, a college student, what would you be doing to get where you are right now?

I would be looking for stories that aren’t being told by sites like Complex because I think there are a lot of them. We’re at a time now where big media is realizing how important sneakers are to so many people or how even profitable the idea of covering them can be and I think that we’re only at the beginning when it comes to sneaker media. I think there’s a long ways to go and I think there’s a lot of stories that haven’t been told… I mean I wish I had time to tell ’em. Always new stones to turn over.

One last question here, have you ever resold sneakers?

Yes, I have. I have, I do, and I don’t have any qualms about it really anymore. Unless it’s like a shoe somebody gave to me, somebody close to me gifted me something, means something personally. Otherwise, I have and will continue to resell sneakers. Just don’t tell Welty.

Sorry, I had to ask that one.

Yeah of course. The most important question.

I look forward to what you continue to do in the future, I look forward to the new season of FSR. Which is coming out soon I believe?

Next week.

Next Week?

Yes, sir, that’s an exclusive. Put it out there.

Glad I got that one. Alright, thank you so much, Brendan, have a great day my friend.

You can follow Brendan Dunne on Instagram and soon enough Twitter. You can also see him on the Sole Collector channel as a co-host for Full Size Run and Price the Hype.